Information and Analytics

Information and Analytics

How we support our academies

Reduce staff workload

  • Promote efficacy
  • Reduce third-party software costs
  • Reduce workforce costs
  • Change the culture of how data is used
  • Minimise the impact of administrative tasks on all colleagues

What we do

  • Develop and publish analytics using Microsoft Power BI that provides summary information and insights for varying audiences across the trust.
  • Support leaders in the effective use of analytics and exception reporting to ensure decision-making is efficient and data-driven.
  • Advise on how academies can reduce costs from third-party software licences by using advanced features of their management information system.
  • Reduce workforce costs over time by building smarter information systems and tools, and removing unnecessary processes.
  • Support academies with all aspects of the information stored within their management information system and promoting unused functionality.
  • Design bespoke assessment tracking tools and analysis at zero cost that meets the requirements of the key stage.
  • Project manage the delivery of in-house assessments across all key stages from the design of papers to final analysis and reporting to parents.
  • Deliver training to colleagues across all academies around assessment, reporting, curriculum, attendance, analysis, and parental communication.

“We have seen continual improvement from the use of analytics throughout the trust through the implementation of centralised reporting and as its adoption permeates through the organisation more widely. Its growth and development has become organic due to the evolving needs of the organisation and as the shift in culture has promoted workload and efficacy to the forefront of decision-making. This can be seen in the significant reduction in costs from third-party systems that are no longer necessary and staffing previously needed to carry out tasks to produce information now readily available. Consequently, these significant financial savings have been reinvested within teaching and learning.”

Ian Gilsenan – Director of Data