Anna Young

Anna joined Garforth Community College in 1997, having previously taught chemistry at Huntington School in York. Anna has worked her way through the ranks at Garforth Academy from Teacher, Head of Chemistry then Head of Science to Assistant Principal, shortly before Vice Principal before being appointed as Principal in 2018.  Anna has seen the academy through the full transition firstly from Garforth Community College to SPTA, before transitioning to Delta Academies Trust. Anna is a passionate Scientist and loved completing research during her degree trying to synthesise a new compound!

Anna's working day starts at 7am when she arrives at the academy, preparing to meet with SLT to discuss the day ahead. As Principal, Anna leads the daily meet and greet of students on the 'blue line' to ensure they are best prepared for the day. She enjoys meeting with students who have been nominated for a Principal's Commendation during morning registration before delivering year group assemblies.

Anna and her leadership team visit as many lessons as possible during each day to support staff, observe teaching and learning and to interact with students. Anna meets daily with parents, students and staff to discuss any issues and concerns, to provide mentoring, discuss support and CPD and to offer praise.

The end of the day sees Anna supervising the students as they safely exit the academy, followed swiftly by any line management, CPD or subject specific meetings. No two days are ever the same!

Outside of work, Anna enjoys spending time with her family, going to the cinema and eating out. Derived from her childhood family holidays, Anna is an avid camper and likes nothing more than combining her love of camping (she finds it relaxing!) with her love of the outdoors and hill climbing.

Anna is a talented musician but doesn't get as much time as she would like to play as when she's not working, she is attending to her son's jam packed social life! As well as her son, Anna has a pet tortoise to take care of - she recommends a tortoise to everyone as Llewellyn (means lightening) has been in her family for 45 years, is approximately 95 - 100 years old and sleeps for 6 months of the year.

When asked why work for Delta, Anna said:

You are part of an incredibly supportive team who all work together to make a difference to the lives and futures of young people; expert advice is so readily available.

The links our leaders have with other Principals proves invaluable when it comes to support and understanding