Councillor David Haigh

David brings a wealth of experience from the world of education and was formerly a member of the National Executive Committee for the Teachers Professional Body, the NASUWT.

David worked in the Education Sector mainly as a teacher from 1974 to the end of 2016. David has been involved mainly in the secondary phase teaching History and Business Studies, however was also a Head of Human Studies Faculty, both K.S 3 AND 4 Pastoral Head and a Deputy Headteacher. From 2004-16 David was secretary of the NASUWT teachers union in Sheffield and was heavily involved with casework and school reorganisation.

Since 1979, David has been involved as a school governor both in South and West Yorkshire and is presently an active Adult and Family court magistrate. A member and past chair of Meltham Town Council, David still serves as a schools admission appeals member in Sheffield. In the past, David has been a regional committee member of the Co-op Group.

David is a passionate believer in the power of education, to enhance pupil life chances.