Elaine Jupp

Elaine joined the Trust in 2016 and currently leads Willoughby Road as Head of Academy.

She started her career in Croydon South London which unbeknown to Elaine at the time – was the perfect grounding for her future position at Willoughby Road. Whilst her son James was young, Elaine worked as a music specialist across a variety of schools delivering class music sessions and co-ordinating a variety of seasonal performances. Then she moved back home to Lincolnshire where she was a deputy in a Church school in Gainsborough before starting at Willoughby Road in her first headship.

Elaine studied music at College but has few opportunities for this now so she makes sure she encourages the use of music within the curriculum across her school. 

There's never an average day when you lead a primary school; Willoughby Road is no different. Elaine makes sure she is in early to meet and greet the children as they arrive, speaking to parents should any issues arise. Once the children are in safe she will usually be found calling into lessons to check on progress, offering support to her team should they require it. Intervention is done with small groups and individuals along with duties at break times during the day. After school its administration tasks, meetings, CPD and preparing for the next day! 

Elaine started at Delta, when it was known as SPTA, in her first headship and she feels that her colleagues within the Trust have provided amazing support. She has developed enormously in her own understanding of the role and there is always someone to turn to if there is a problem.

Working in a Delta school often has its challenges due to its own social context, but if you are up for the challenge there's no better place to be.