Jane Marshall

Executive Director - English

Jane joined the Trust in 2014 however she began her teaching career 10 years ago as a Teacher of English at NDCT in Adwick, Doncaster.  Her first promotion was to the role of KS3 Leader for English within a large team. In 2010, she moved to Balby Carr Academy, Doncaster to complete her AST status. During her time at Balby Carr Academy she progressed from Second in Department to Head of English.

In 2014, Jane joined Rossington All Saints Academy to become their permanent Curriculum Leader for English and moved to the English Core Team, as an English Director, two years later.

More recently, Jane has enjoyed her role as both Senior Director for English and, finally, in her current role as Executive Director for English with Delta Multi Academy Trust.

After numerous years of working alongside English and SLT teams, Jane has developed an understanding of how to plan for the development of English at a strategic level by leading successful teams, initiatives and projects. These include: shaping new and engaging KS3 and KS4 English curriculums, supporting individual academies to develop a curriculum which meets their specific needs, contributing to curriculum innovation and leading on teaching and learning. 

As part of Jane’s professional development, she has completed an MA in Education at York University which focused on the development of student achievement in KS3 English. As a further extension of this development, Jane hopes to progress to a PhD in future years. She has a keen interest in the development of reading skills in secondary age students and would like to research the impact of explicit reading instruction and the acquisition of reading strategies in older students.

The Director team has a varied deployment which can mean Jane can be in a variety of different academies throughout the week.

Jane usually finds herself in a different academy each day, as either the designated director, or to support a member of the director team. Throughout the day Jane would usually: 

  • Meet with HoDs to discuss priorities and successes
  • Catch up with academy principals
  • Work with key students
  • Mark or moderate key assessments
  • Develop personalised curriculum design with key team members
  • Team teaching with colleagues
  • Deliver Trust English CPD

Outside of work, Jane likes spending time with her family, reading, running (not at the same time), eating out and attending theatre events.

Why Delta?

Delta is a fantastic trust with a family of highly-skilled and dedicated colleagues.

The Trust is making a difference to the students in our care and equipping them with the academic and personal skills to succeed.

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It is an absolute privilege to be part of something amazing!