Manina Tyler-Mort

Manina joined the Trust in 2016 as Executive Director of Maths.

Manina's love for mathematics started early in her school life. She remembers it being her favorite subject even at primary school. She knew it was always going to be her passion and was able to take ‘A’ levels in mathematics and further mathematics before completing her mathematics degree at Sheffield University. Manina took the traditional route of PGCE and stayed at Sheffield University to do this.

Manina was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to do some work experience in a secondary school during the second year of her mathematics degree at Sheffield University. It was then that she realised what she wanted to be. The teacher who she was there to observe and work with was inspiring, amazing and "just brilliant." He was working with a group of challenging boys and captured their attention and gave them the confidence and skills to tackle the mathematics problems he presented to them. Recently Manina felt privileged to meet the teacher again and tell him about the impact he had made on her!

Manina’s first teaching post was at a large secondary school in Sheffield. She was fortunate to teach ‘A’ level mathematics in her first year and especially enjoyed the Statistics module which has since become an area of expertise for her, including working with the exam boards designing the new 9-1 specification content. 

After a few years, Manina moved to be Numeracy Coordinator in another large 11-18 secondary school in Leeds (her home city) and returned to live nearer home when she got married and started a family. Manina spent ten years at her next school where she was second in department, AST, Head of Department and Assistant Principal before looking for the next challenge. Becoming a Director of subject in a large Multi Academy Trust fulfilled her ambition of promotion without losing the chance to teach mathematics every day.

Manina moved to Delta three years ago to be Executive Director, enabling her to influence mathematics teaching and learning in a big way across multiple schools, working in a team of like-minded people.  Manina leads a team of seven Directors, eighteen Heads of Department and six Lead Teachers, providing CPD, guidance, direction and support. Manina works tirelessly with these leaders to support 150 mathematics teachers, ensuring consistency and upholding a bench mark of expectations. Although our academies are diverse in where they are in their journey to be outstanding, Manina ensures that our vision and direction is as one.

Manina is an SLE and a Governor which has broadened her knowledge of working with other colleagues in different educational contexts. She's also on the board of directors for a pre-school playgroup and she personally loves to read and spend time with her family.

I am constantly amazed by the opportunities, experiences and the chances to influence children’s maths education every day here at Delta.