Nicola Williams

The Vale converted to academy status in September 2011, so Nicola has been part of Delta Academies Trust since it was first established.

Nicola's career has always been in education and she has worked across three very different schools for a period of 32 years to date. Nicola's background is as an English teacher; she has held posts as Head of English, Assistant Principal, Vice Principal and Principal. She has covered all responsibility areas within senior leadership roles.

With her BA (Hons) and PGCE secondary in English and French combined with her background in English, Nicola has supported and led on many different initiatives, including literacy, which have made a positive impact across the Trust. Nicola has NPQH and is currently leading The Vale Academy whilst supporting other Principals within the Trust. 

Nicola usually arrives at school at 7.30 am and spends some time getting ready for the day ahead. At 8.20 the first busses begin to arrive and the school day begins. The majority of her day is spent going into lessons, being on duty, meeting students, staff and parents and ensuring the academy is running smoothly and effectively. Our busses leave by 3.40 pm and she then spends time in meetings with staff or working in her office. She usually leaves after 6.00pm t avoid traffic and, like most of our leaders, does her administration work at home later in the evening.

As part of her Associate Executive Principal role, on some days Nicola works with a different academy or attends wider Trust meetings.

Outside of work, Nicola enjoys reading, theatre, travelling (particularly Asia and the Far East), swimming and cooking (when she has time!) and British shorthair cats.

Nicola thinks the greatest thing about Delta Academies Trust is that we are all driven by a common goal which is to make a difference to children’s lives by ensuring they receive a rich and rounded educational experience across all phases, which is supported with excellent outcomes. 

I chose a career in education because I wanted to make a difference and it is inspiring to work for a Trust which genuinely puts children and young people at the heart of everything it does. What’s not to like about that?