Riccardo Pafetti

Riccardo joined the Trust in 2009 and has recently taken up post as Head of Academy at Park View Primary Academy.

Riccardo has held a variety of positions in education including Learning Support Assistant, Teacher, Numeracy Lead and Assistant Principal prior to taking up his most recent post. 

Holding a physics degree, Riccardo would say his area of expertise is Key Stage 2 & 3 Science. He's also a qualified jazz teacher!

An average day for Riccardo starts by answering emails and completing admin tasks before the children arrive. He greets the children and meets with parents before visiting classrooms to check on progress. Riccardo delivers interventions with groups of children and individuals then its back to making sure that all children leave site safely. After school it’s completing assessments, holding meetings and delivering or attending training sessions. Our leaders meet on a regular basis so some days are spend developing networks and sharing best practice.

Outside of work, Riccardo enjoys reading, weightlifting, viewing art, watching films and finding out more about marine fish. His biggest passion has got to be spreadsheets; making them, viewing them and generally admiring them!

When asked why Delta, Riccardo would tell you that the collaborative way in which people work and their passion to make a difference to children who need it most keeps him motivated and inspired.