Tom Herrick

Tom's career in teaching began 10 years ago after he qualified from the University of Cumbria after completing a BA Hons in Primary and Physical Education.

Completing a degree in Ambleside allowed him to explore many outdoor pursuits such as climbing, kayaking and fell walking, as well as continuing his passion for the more conventional sports such as football and rugby.

Gaining experience in rural village schools, as well as some of the more deprived areas of Cumbria was a fantastic education for him. At the end of his time in Ambleside, Tom had the opportunity to go travelling in South Africa, backpacking for several weeks, culminating in an opportunity to volunteer in some of the townships schools – an opportunity he will never forget.

Having been born and bred in the Grimsby area, Tom returned to work as an NQT at Macaulay Primary, keen to give back to the area that had provided him with the opportunities and experience that inspired him to want to teach from a young age.

During his 10 years at Macaulay he has led many subjects, as well as taking on several different leadership roles, all of which have contributed in his desire to lead, inspire and develop the children, and staff, of Macaulay Academy.

I have firm beliefs that with a growth mind-set, a nurturing approach and a team environment, everyone can reach a great level of understanding and skill, ultimately providing the best education for our young people.