Trish Gavins

Senior Executive Principal - Primaries

Trish joined the Trust in 2012 however she has had 33 years’ experience in teaching.

Trish was Headteacher of a Primary School from 2001, then a three-form entry primary in Bradford in 2008.

Trish has been an Executive Principal within the Trust since 2015, working in schools who require school improvement support and are often within an Ofsted category. Trish excels at developing those schools that are new to joining the Trust.

From her many years of experience, Trish has developed numerous areas of expertise; if you asked her she would say she is a professional at language development throughout the curriculum and building leadership capacity within and across schools. 

Trish could be working in three different schools in one day. Another day she might be focused on the needs of a particular school. Whilst Trish's role often involves her in dealing with employment, the law and human resources issues, much of her time is spent supporting school leaders in developing their curriculum and monitoring the impact of strategies starting with strategy rationale through to facilitating CPD and monitoring implementation. Getting into classrooms regularly and talking to staff and pupils is what Trish enjoys the most though; she feels it is important to quality assure the impact of the work we do and help problem solve any barriers to learning. 

Outside of work, Trish enjoys reading, spending time in nature and varied physical activities.

Why Delta?

Trish enjoys her work and is proud to work in the Trust for many reasons. These include:

  • Professional development offered to staff at all levels;
  • The innovative culture which is based on a commitment to improve educational outcomes for all pupils; and
  • The commitment of the Trust to the personal development of pupils, including creating wider opportunities and contributing to mitigating negative environmental change.

My work in Delta is challenging and varied, which gives a high level of job satisfaction.