Grange Lane Infant Academy

The academy serves an area of very high social deprivation. The Local Authority index of deprivation places the school amongst the most deprived in the authority on all indicators. We are in the highest school deprivation indicator percentile in RAISE (0.39). Our free school meals is well above national averages and in the highest percentile on RAISE. The vast majority of pupils are White British with a very small minority speaking English as an additional language. Stability is variable and we have a few pupils who join or leave throughout the year. School assessments show that pupil’s attainment on entry is very significantly lower than expected for their age. The weakest area is communication, language and literacy, particularly speech and language development.

At Grange Lane we excite, inspire and motivate children to want to learn through a practical, creative, challenging, fun and child-centred curriculum. We ensure all children have the opportunity to begin to develop their life-long learning and achieve success. A range of teaching styles and approaches are used which ensures that each child has personalised learning and support whatever their talents, abilities and needs.